Mini-clone Cynthia Galant recreates Orphan Black’s dance scene (x)

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this is my contribution to canada’s 147th birthday

i am so so sorry

@thedanieb: tatianamaslany She’s super incredible!! It was so lovely meeting her. #oitnb meets #orphanblack

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always reblog

I have been looking for this for so long

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By letting go of dieting, I free up mental and emotional room. I have more space, I can move.

The pursuit of another, elusive body, the body someone else says I should have, is a terrible distraction, a side-tracking that might have lasted my whole life long. By letting myself go, I go places.

- ~Sallie Tisdale, originally printed in Harper’s Magazine, March 1993. Full text here. (via loniemc)

Abbi raving about Orange is the New Black; Laura raving about Orphan Black; Tatiana raving about Broad City.

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